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What is a network?

A network is made when two or more computers connect together to transfer data, shares resources or Internet.

Advantage of a network

A local area network allows business to effectively utilize the computer resources and manage them. Hardware that can be shared includes printers, scanners, modems, fax service etc.

Our Network services includes:

@Server Installation and Setup

@Microsoft Windows NT4.0 / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 click here for detail
@Microsoft Windows Small Business Server ( SBS )
@Microsoft Windows Internet Information Server ( IIS )
@Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Server / Application Server
@Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Remote Access Server ( RAS )
@Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 VPN Server
@Microsoft Exchange Server

@Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 ( ISA )
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 ( HIS )
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server ( SPS )

Microsoft Systems Management Server ( SMS )
Microsoft Proxy Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Server Load Balance

Red Hat Linux Server click here for detail
Fedora Linux Server
Linux server connectivity with Windows 2000 Active Directory ( A.D. )
FreeBSD 4X-5.0 click here for detail
Novell Netware

@Resource Sharing / Network connectivity and communicate

Firewall Appliance
QoS / Bandwidth Management System
Broadband Sharing Router
Hubs / Switches / Fiber Cable
Printer Server
Cable and Wiring
Interfaces and Modules
Wireless LAN Solutions
Voice Gateway / IP Phone
Video Conference

@Backup System / Data Protection Solutions

DAT ,DLT/ DDS tape backup media
NAS Solutions
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)
Software-based RAID Solutions
Clustering Technologies

@E-Mail System

Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003
MDaemon Mail Server
Linux Mail Server
Lotus Note

@Database System

Microsoft SQL Server

@Fax Server

Win Fax Pro
Relay Fax Server 6.0
Linux Fax Server

@Other Devices

Desktop Computer
CPU, Memory, CD-ROM,DVD and Hard Drives upgrade



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